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How long will my infused honey last?

Honey is considered never to go bad! Archaeologists have unearthed honey that may have belonged to Cleopatra. Honey is a natural substance and over time it will begin to crystallize. This does not effect the quality of the honey but it can be a nuisance to work with. To re-liquify your honey, simple pop the jar in the oven at a low temp (below 120 F) until the honey is runny again.

Can we buy your honey in stores?

We will be bringing Honey Bee the Change to retail stores soon.

Do you use artificial Ingredients?

No. We believe that you are what you eat and we take care to use only natural ingredients free of chemicals, and local honey from apiaries that we know and trust.

Is your honey sourced from overseas?

Honey bee the Change is made from local honey. We believe in supporting local bee-keepers. By supporting local apiaries, we are directly supporting the existence of bee-pollinators in the communities where we live. Also, there are health benefits to consuming honey created in your community. Eating local honey (made form the pollen in your area) may help our bodies cope with pollen allergies.